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We have now re-launched our Eco-Team for 2018-19.  Having the selected the team at the end of the autumn term, we have now begun to meet weekly.  We are carrying out a number of activities and we are guided in this by the Energy Sparks website.  If you click on the link you can see the scoreboard to see how well our team is doing at saving energy here at Pensford.

Update - 11th February

Today we ran an assembly to explain to the rest of the school what we have been working on, explaining our new policies and re-launching our reward system for energy saving.  Our Parent Council also asked about pollution testing and Mr Barton has uploaded the latest testing results here.

Update - 6th February

Today at our meeting we wrote a policy on energy use in the classrooms

Update - 22nd January

Today at our meeting we talked about energy saving policy, and wrote a policy on classroom temperatures.  Mr Barton also investigated how to turn the heating temperature down by 1 degree Celsius to help us save energy.  He has done this now, so we know that we may need to keep our jumpers on more often but will be helping the planet and saving money!

Eco-Team 2017-18

In September 2017 we have just started a new team of pupils, led by Mr Barton.  Their job will be to investigate how we use energy at the school and to help us use it wisely and efficiently.  We are doing this work in collaboration with other schools, via the Energy Sparks website.

So far, we have selected the team simply by asking Key Stage 2 pupils to volunteer.  Our team list can be found here.  You can keep up to date with our progress on Energy Sparks.  You can also find out more about the project through their latest newsletter - issue 3 - in which we are mentioned again!  We are also mentioned in Issue 9, having been joint winners of the Energy Sparks Award!

The newsletter archive can also be accessed by clicking on the highlighted issues below:

Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4 Issue 5 Issue 6 Issue 7 Issue 8 Issue 9 Issue 10

Update - 18th April

We are delighted to have been awarded a prize for all our energy-saving work.  Together with Freshford School, we shared a £400 prize from the Enegry Sparks initiative.  This was for both the number of activities we have undertaken, as well as the way we have reported on them.  Congratulations to Freshford too.  We can spend the money on any energy-saving equipment such as lighting or more efficient electrical appliances.

Update - 17th January

Today we have labelled all the plugs and switches in the school.  Nearly all can be turned off at night and we hope our labels will remind people to save energy.  We have been careful to leave things like fridges on overnight!

Update - 10th January 2018

We have been looking at our energy use from the Christmas holiday.  We noticed that some electricity is being switched on and off even when no-one is here.  You can look at this graph and this one which show our energy use on Christmas Day!

We've asked our headteacher, Mr Barton about this and we think that this is because we still have some water heaters switched on even in the holidays.  We have written to him and to our cleaner, Mrs James, to ask them to make sure that these are switched off.

We are also starting a campaign to keep our doors closed at lunchtimes.  These are normally open so that children can come in and out to use the toilet without having to use the buzzer and take up the time of the adults who work in the office.  We have made a rota so that we can be in charge of letting children in and out without disturbing the office staff.  That way, the doors can be kept closed and we can save energy on heating.

Thank-you if you have already completed our survey about energy use.  If you haven't done it yet please click this link to fill it in now.  It only takes 5 minutes! 

Update - 1st December

Today we held our assembly with the whole school to keep working on our energy saving.  We explained all about our thermometers, our classroom monitoring and our reward systems.  We highlighted the class energy savers and showed our progress on cutting down on wasting electricity across lunchtime.  Thanks for the ideas other children put forward about solar and wind power too!

Today we also had a lesson in Kingfisher class about how the graphs work on the Energy Sparks website.  We learned that it seems to be that Y5/6 use a lot more energy than the other classes.  We're a bit mystified by this but are investigating..!

Update - 22nd November

We have now put thermometers in each room to help us check our energy use on heating.  These are being monitored as we check we have turned electrical items off across lunchtime.  We have also planned a whole school assembly for this Friday to update the whole school on what we have been up to.

Update - 1st November

We are now prominently displaying our Electricity Usage posters for each class, to help encourage each other to remember to turn things off when we don't need them.  Here are Chloe and Millie with the new posters:

Update - 31st October

The initial results of our lunch time energy monitoring are in.  41% of the time something has been left on, as you can see from our graph below.  We will start a campaign this term to change this and will let you know how we get on.

Update - 11th October

We have created a special section of ClassDojo to reward classes for turning electrical items off at lunchtime.  We will give certificates to the most energy-efficient classes at the end of term.  Here are some pictures to illustrate the system we have set up on the Class Dojo website:

Points will be awarded to different rooms for turning off the lights, the projector and the computer screen.  But beware - we will take points away if these things are left on across lunchtime!