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Early reading

In September 2021, we adopted the 'Read, Write, Inc' scheme to teaching phonics from the Early Years class. Our teacher, Mrs Rawlinson, is well trained in the 'Read, Write, Inc' approach. She uses this scheme to  teach Phase 2 phonics in reading and writing and tricky words after having been assessed in phase 1 phonics with their speaking and listening. Children in Reception learn the Read Write Inc set 1- set 3 sounds. As the children enter year 1, they will be taught all of the set 3 sounds and as they move into year 2 and KS2, they will be taught spelling following the No Nonsense Spelling programme.

Nurturing children's love of reading

Of course, children's love of reading and ability to understand what they read is developed through the reading of actual books.  This supplements the specific teaching of phonic sounds to enable them to become very good all-round readers. Early reading books have been matched to be decodable phonetically to support the children's learning.  Historically, many of our reading books belonged to the Oxford Reading Tree scheme, although over the years we have built up a wide range of books for the children to read beyond this. .For early reading we have now invested in Read Write Inc resources.  For more on our Reading Curriculum please click here.

Reading ambassadors

At Pensford, we have developed Reading Ambassadors, whose job is to promote their love of reading to the rest of their class and school. They meet every term with Mr Miller, the English lead, to discuss what books they have recently read and would recommend as well as what books the school needs to order. They write reviews about the book, which get put onto our Reading Ambassador site (please click here to see them) as well as on Twitter to share with the authors, which have proven to be very popular.

Reading Cannon with Mr B's Emporium

From September 2022 we will be launching a Key Stage 2 Reading Cannon.  Children will be challenged and encouraged to read 12 carefully-selected books across the year.  All of these books are in stock in our school library and we have also teamed up with Mr B's Emporium in Bath, who have donated a book token prize.  Children who read all 12 books in the year will be entered into a draw to win the £20 book token.  Mr B's have also compiled the Pensford book lists in one place so that children and parents can browse the titles we have chosen for each year group.  Click below to unlock a treasure trove of reading for your child's year group...

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Children as writers

In writing, our curriculum (writing and EGPS) is developing quickly to allow children to write at length on a number of interesting topics.  This helps to develop both their interest in writing and their ability to re-draft and refine their work to produce work that is genuinely their 'personal best'. We follow a Talk4Writing scheme where we teach a fiction and non-fiction unit every term.