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PTA - Meeting notes 7th February 2017


  • Meeting: Tuesday 7 February @ 9.30am
  • Location: Miner’s Coffee Shop, Pensford
  • Attendees: Lisa Cains, Kirsty Wickenden, Vic Spicer, Sarah Curtis
  • Invited Attendees:
  • Apologies: Tracy Jones

Previous minutes and action updates

Previous minutes were read and agreed, there were no outstanding actions.

Confirmation of Supporting Members full names: Donna Uren, Louise Gignell, Nicola Cogan, Laura Baxter and Sally Jenkins


Summary of transactions was produced in Tracy’s absence. Current balance stands at £2,114.63

ACTION: Lisa to check money from Christmas Tree sales have been received

Forthcoming events

  • February cake sale will not go ahead due to late notice
  • February - Nutty Noah, 13 February
  • April -  End of Term Cake sale, 7 April
  • Fun Run, 30 April
  • May  - End of Term Cake Sale, 26 May
  • July - End of Year Party, tbc

Nutty Noah - Set up will start at 12.00, Lisa requested anyone available to assist. Doors will open at 13.30 with show starting prompt at 14.00. Lisa and Kirsty will man the door with Sarah and Laura on sweets and drink stall

Fun Run - Advertisements will soon be placed on social media with request for volunteers and raffle prices. Vic will write to the companies for the main prizes and local companies will be contacted by other PTA members. Offered help so far: Cake Stall; Lisa Registration; Kirsty. ACTION: Vic to post list of local companies to contact on PTA communication group. Lisa to enquire about price and notice of burgers from local farm.

Other future dates/events

Year 6 End of Year Celebration – Ideas of a school disco or cake sale were put forward. It was agreed that Year 6 pupils’ involvement would be valuable in the organisation of this event. Discussion with Mr Miller would also assist. ACTION: Kirsty to set up communication group with Year 6 parents to discuss ideas.

Fireworks Night - Options are still being considered.

PTPSA Successes

Thanks to Lisa for organising the Library Opening with a plaque giving recognition to the local contributors.

Any other business

School Wish List – Mr Barton is still considering the requirements for the playground.

Parish donation – PTA have been advised of a possible donation from the parish magazine to purchase a specific item that would assist the PTA and a suggestion was made of the required gazeebo. ACTION: Kirsty to ask local Pre-School where they sourced their gazebo and obtain a price.

Date and location of next meeting: Tuesday 7 March, 9.30 @ Miner’s Coffee Shop, Pensford