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PTA - meeting notes 21st June 2016


  • Attendees: Kirsty Wickenden, Lisa Cains, Sarah Curtis, Jo Barnes, Tracy Jones
  • Apologies: Vic Spicer

1. Previous minutes and action updates

All completed other than getting the designs for the library. Furniture has been ordered. Lisa to find out final costs.

2. Finances/Administration


There was a £30 overspend on Otter class refurb.

We currently have £2889 in the bank with £365 yet to spend on projects agreed to by previous PTA.

To add- £30 from the Queen’s birthday float, £27.22 from the cake sale, £20 donation from Langford Farm, takings from teddy tombola.

New Bank Account

Signatory forms completed with Kirsty to submit them. Jo Barnes resigned from secretary post as will be taking up parent governor role. Kirsty agreed to leave her post as co-chair and become secretary. Jo to remain as signatory.

Memorandum of Articles of Association

Amendments made and signed by all.

Grant Application

Pensford Miners Welfare Institute grant application due in on 30 th June. We are asking for £1000 but any contribution would be welcome.

PSPTA Equipment

Kirsty undertook an inventory of PTA stock. Below is the current list of equipment. Kirsty to update after each event so we have a good idea of needs for the next event. Kirsty to pack up into lidded storage boxes to store at the school so that any member can access when required (apart from the perishables, which she will store at home).

Permanent Equipment

  • 1 x Large Water Dispenser
  • Paint scraper
  • Jar Opener
  • Frying Pan
  • Portable Electric Hob
  • 3 x Serving plates
  • BBQ Utensils
  • Tea Earn
  • George Foreman
  • Bunting
  • General stationery items - Paperclips/scissors/hole punch/Pens/Pins etc
  • Oversized Playing cards
  • 2 x Document A4 display stands
  • Large tin of Crayons/Pencils
  • Disposable Catering Equipment (large quantities are approximate)
  • 100 x Plastic Knives
  • 400 x Plastic spoons
  • 5 x Cling Film Rolls
  • Kitchen Cleaner
  • 140 x Plastic cups (Pint)
  • 170 x Plastic cups (small)
  • 120 x coffee cups
  • 200 x coffee cup lids
  • 1200 x Cocktail sticks
  • Plastic bags
  • Sandwich Bags
  • 15 x Paper/Tin/Plastic trays
  • 400+ x Napkins
  • 1 x Box plastic gloves
  • 40 x Paper plates
  • 1 x Black bags roll
  • 1 x Tin foil roll
  • Perishable Items
  • Vinegar
  • Other items
  • 1 x Raffle Ticket book
  • 15 x Table tennis balls
  • 90 x Popcorn bags
  • Trolley tokens
  • Purchase of Gazebo - It was suggested that we purchase one in the future as will be useful for events. Possibly when in sale at end of summer. Laura Baxter’s neighbour has a bouncy castle that she is considering donating to the school.

3. Forthcoming events

Cinema Night (1st July) - To fund the leavers’ do. PTA agree to contribute a maximum of £100. If more than this is raised at Movie night, the remainder will go to the library fund. Agreed to advertise that the film will start at 6pm. Advanced ticket sales. Children should be advised to bring a cushion. Every child to have a responsible adult with them. Tickets to cost £4 each and will include a drink, sweets and popcorn.

  • Action: Sweets will need bagging up in advance.
  • Action: Sarah to make popcorn.
  • Action: Lisa to print tickets and buy DVD

End of Term Event (20th July) - To be held at the Memorial Hall from 3-6pm on the last day of term. Children to go straight from school. Agreement to have a bbq outside and disco inside (borrow lights from Steve?). Kirsty to lead on event.

  • Action: Kirsty to email Sheila re. hiring the bar.
  • Action: Kirsty to put together poster.
  • Action: Tracey to source 3 raffle prizes.

Roald Dahl Day (13th September) - This is Roald Dahl’s 100 th birthday. Children to come in fancy dress with a donation to the PTA. Themed lunch. To let parents know before the holidays. School to check with Warren

4. PTPSA Successes

Queen’s Birthday - The event was enjoyed by those who attended, but unfortunately attendance was disappointing. £130 was raised for the school library. If the PTA undertake future joint events with other organisations, there needs to be more clarity on our roles in advance of the day.

5. Any other business

  • The PTA intends to book end-of- term events in advance in future, and to book them in at the end of the academic year for the year to come.
  • A future PTA meeting to take place at the Miners’ Coffee Shop.

6. Date and location of next meeting

Possibly to take place before the end of term - tbc