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PTA meeting notes - 4th October 2016

  • Meeting: Tuesday 4 October 2016 @ 9am
  • Location: Pensford Coffee Shop
  • Attendees: Lisa Cains, Tracy Jones, Kirsty Wickenden, Vic Spicer, Sarah Curtis
  • Invited Attendees:
  • Apologies

Previous minutes and action updates

Previous minutes were read and agreed, there were no outstanding actions.



Calculated End of Year figure is £1,259.40 with PTA Licence and Insurance to be deducted. A further £408.00 allocated for school improvements in 2016 has not been spent yet. No bank statements have been made available since August, therefore the end of year total cannot be confirmed.

Confirmation required that £1,000 from Minor Welfare has been received. LC included a letter of thanks when responding to the request for bank details. Donation of £136.00 received from the Minors Coffee Shop as proceeds from a raffle. LC wrote a letter of thanks to the owners.

New Bank Account

Email dated 20/09/16 gave confirmation that all required information had been received by the bank and set up of the account was in progress. ACTION: KW to chase progress.


AGM date has been set at 21 November. ACTION: KW to arrange and notify

Forthcoming events

Year 6 Leavers 2017

Funding for the event has been requested. PTA have agreed to work with Year 6 pupils and parents to hold an event to raise funds. ACTION: TJ/KW to liaise with Charlottle Tremlett.

Other future dates/events

  • 2016 - October End of Term Cake sale, 21 October - TJ
  • DecemberCinema Night, 9 December - LC
  • End of Term Cake sale, 16 December
  • 2017 - February End of Term Cake sale, 10 February
  • Nutty Noah, tbcLC
  • AprilEnd of Term Cake sale, 7 April
  • Fun Run, 30th April (tbc VJS)
  • MayEnd of Term Cake Sale, 26 May
  • JulyEnd of Year Party, - tbcKW

Request was made from a pupil to hold a cake sale for charity on the same October date. ACTION: TJ to discuss with Head/Parent on working together.

Fireworks for 2017 requires booking. Preferred date agreed of Saturday 4 November. ACTION: LC to contact Fireworks display Man.

PTPSA Successes

No items to discuss for new school year.

Any other business

School Wish List – ACTION: LC to discuss with Head ready to be presented at AGM.

Library – VS purchased lighting to improve the look of the space, cost will be reimbursed by PTA. It was agreed the library should be more identifiable. LC suggested free standing letters, spelling LIBRARY, painted in school colours. All costs will be reimbursed by PTA. Official opening event, presentation and plaque will be arranged once the library is complete and stocked with books.

ACTION: LC to purchase and arrange LIBRARY sign.

Harvey Hext Scarecrow – Paul Baxter made the scarecrow on behalf of the PTA, all costs will be reimbursed. ACTION: LC to write thank you letter.

PTA Shed – Spare key was return by previous PTA Chair, Trina Ansty.

PTA Gazebo – The gazebo was damaged at the last event. It was agreed to purchase a new one.

Date and location of next meeting

AGM, 28 November @ School Hall, Pensford Primary School. Time: 3.30pm