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PE Kit

In January 2017, we introduced a new policy regarding PE Kit. Children will come to school wearing their PE Kit on their PE days (including swimming days).  We are doing this because:

  • it will raise the profile of PE in school to put more clearly in children's minds the importance of sport in leading active, healthy lives;
  • it will maximise time spent on physical activity in PE by cutting out time spent on changing;
  • it should eliminate the possibility of clothing being lost while children change;
  • it will even out wear and tear on uniforms & PE kits, making normal school uniform last a little longer and getting maximum wear out of PE kit;
  • PE kits can be washed more regularly rather than staying in bags until the end of term;
  • there will be no need to buy/replace a PE bag;
  • this is an idea that has been supported by the Parent Council as well as by our PE leaders.

This policy requires that all children have the correct PE Kit for Pensford, so that they look smart during the school day as well as being ready for their sport.  

The PE Kit for Pensford is as follows.  Items marked with an asterisk* should be bought through the website, School Trends website or Curtis Sports (0117 9723242 or Both Tesco and Curtis Sports will pay a commission to the school for purchases made.

  • Top layer: either a hooded sweatshirt with school logo* or white T-shirt with school logo*
  • Plain white T-shirt (when worn under the hooded sweatshirt with school logo)
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms and/or black shorts (plain or the shadow-stripe pattern*) or black skorts
  • A pair of black daps or black trainers (If daps are worn for PE, comfortable black school shoes/trainers should be worn for the rest of the day)
  • Black or white socks

We have updated the School Trends website to reflect the above, but  parents should ignore any conflicting advice that may still be found on School Trends - the list here is accurate.

If children forget their kits we will contact parents ahead of the PE lesson, which will be in the afternoon. When children have swimming, they should still wear their PE kit for the rest of the day in order to fulfil the first bullet point above in our rationale for the change.

You can find the current PE days for your child on their class page: 

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It remains the case that, for hygiene and safety reasons, long hair should be tied back. This applies at all times to pupils with long hair; occasionally we are visited by head-lice and they spread themselves quickly.