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PTA - Meeting notes 28th November 2016

Annual General Meeting

Meeting: Monday 28 November 2016 @ 3.30pm

Location: School Hall, Pensford Primary School 

Attendees: Lisa Cains, Tracy Jones, Kirsty Wickenden, Vic Spicer, Sarah Curtis

Invited Attendees: Open Meeting

Apologies: Mr Barton (Headmaster; Pensford Primary School)

1. Appointment of Trustees and new members

 It was confirmed that the Trustees for Pensford School Parent Teacher Association will be:

  • Chairperson:Lisa Cains
  • Secretary:Kirsty Wickenden
  • Treasurer:Tracy Jones
  • Members:Victoria Spicer, Sarah Curtis, Sharon Breton, Jo Barnes
  • New Supporting Members:Donna Uren, Nicola Barnes, Laura Baxter, Sally Jenkins

2. Finances/Administration 

Year End Update

  • Calculated End of Year figure held within old bank accountis £1,259.40, awaiting confirmation from final bank statement. 
  • Total balance is calculated at £2,207.63 with PTA Licence and Insurance to be deducted.
  • It was agreed that the unspent funds agreed in 2015 for school improvements will no longer be held for allocation.
  • £1,000 from Minor Welfare has been received and paid into Co-operative bank account.

 New Bank Account

Co-operative bank account is now open and in use. Allocated responsibilities are:

Tracy Jones, Treasurer;Account Signatory, Online Banking,possession of Debit Card

Lisa Cains, Chairperson;Account Signatory, Online Banking,

possession of Debit Card

Victoria Spicer, Member;Account Signatory, possession of Debit Card

Sarah Curtis;Account Signatory

Kirsty Wickenden, Secretary; Account admin

A letter to request the closure of the old account and transfer of funds to the Co-operative account is awaiting signature from the previous Treasurer.

2015/16 Successes

The main fund raising for the year contributed to a new school library with the assistance of a large donation from the minors Welfare. 

3. 2016/17 Fundraising

Headmaster’s Wish List

Mr Barton asked the PTA to consider the main focus for fundraising be towards improvements to the playground areas, with possible ad-hoc requests throughout the year.

This was unanimously agreed with a request for further detailed information on the types of improvements and costs.

Ad-hoc requests already agreed include Santa presents for Class 1 and Ice-creams during theatre visit for Classes 2 and 3.

Fundraising events

Main events discussed at October meeting were agreed as;

  • 2016-December Cinema Night, 9 December
  • 2017-FebruaryEnd of Term Cake sale
  • Nutty Noah
  • April End of Term Cake sale
  • April 30th Fun Run
  • May End of Term Cake Sale
  • July End of Year Party

 A further funding event, working with Year 6 pupils and parents, will be held to raise funds for the Year 6 Leavers Party.

 It was agreed that PTA should organise the 2017 Fireworks display.

4. Any other business 

There was no other business to discuss.

5. Date and location of next meeting

7th February 9:30 at the Miners Coffee Shop