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Past Pupils

Did you go to Pensford Primary School?  We are very interested in collecting stories about what our past pupils have gone on to do since leaving the school.  We believe that this will help us show our current pupils more about our shared value of 'ambition' by celebrating the many different types of achievement that our past pupils have enjoyed and the places they have visited.

If you have a story to tell, or know of someone who does, please contact us.  We would love to develop a gallery dedicated to our many past pupils, which we can share with the children who are here today.

Here are the stories we have collected so far:

Jessie King

When did she attend Pensford Primary?

2007 - 2014


Miss Farnham, The best LSA ever! The time I put a fake spider on Miss Flatley’s shoulder, she screamed and ran out the classroom. Having a water fight with Mr Munday at holiday club in the summer. Winning the field race in year 6, my last sports day.

What happened next?

I was a competitive swimmer from the age of 8 swimming I swam at Keynsham and later in performance swimming with Team Bath.

After suffering from a shoulder injury I transitioned into rowing at 13 and quickly became competitive, taking 6th in the British Indoor championships in London within 9 months and going onto finish second in the country in the national inter regional regatta.


Training almost every day I plan to go further in the future.

If you work hard you can achieve your dreams too.





David Hunt

When did he attend Pensford Primary? From when a bomb landed near his Bristol home in 1941, until 1947.
Memories: Being particularly fond of a teacher's daughter - Angela Bewley!
What happened next? David moved to Shirehampton and his first job was working on a garage forecourt.  He went on to work as a taxi driver, in the RAF and as an HGV1 Tanker driver.  He still has three cousins who live in Pensford.






(nee Hunt)

When did she attend Pensford Primary? From 1954 to 1961
Memories: On warm days, having lessons outside by the river and under the shade of a tree.
What happened next? Sheila went to secondary school in Kensham and then on to college in Stoke Bishop.  She worked as a nurse in different hospitals, one of which was in Jersey.  There, she met her husband.  He is Italian and so Sheila went to live in Italy and worked in a hospital in Rome.  She later returned to work in Bath.  She is now the grandmother of two of our current pupils!









When did she attend Pensford Primary? From 1984 to 1991
What happened next? After working at Nat West Bank and as an assistant buyer for a supermarket, Maryanne went on to travel for a year.  She reached Mongolia, China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.  She successfully completed a languages degree and speaks French and Spanish.  She even lives in Spain now, from where she teaches English to students all over the world via the internet.   She is wearing a swimming medal in the picture because she is in a swimming team and came 3rd in last year's Valencian regional finals.  In her spare time, she practises flying in a wind tunnel, as you can see below!