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“Pupils feel safe
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the many experiences
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School Governors

What do the Pensford Primary School Governors do?

The Governing Body at Pensford School is made up of a range of people from many different backgrounds. They include Parents, Staff, and Co-opted Governors. We try to balance the Governing team with people who have skills that can be used to help the school develop.
All Governors are volunteers who give their time and skills to help in the running of the school by acting as a critical or questioning friend. 
The Local Authority provides training sessions for all new and experienced Governors, this provides up to date training on topics relevant to being a Governor and it is expected that all new Governors attend the "New Governors" training sessions (3 x 2 hour sessions) to help them understand what they need to do to help the school run smoothly.
Other training sessions are then available to all Governors throughout the year to help them develop their skills. It is expected that all  Governors attend additional training relevant to the committee they have been assigned.  
* Parent Governors are elected by parents 
* Staff Governors are members of the school staff (teaching and non-teaching) elected by the staff
* Co-opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body to represent the local community and/or for a specific    skill

*Associate Members are invited onto the GB to contribute in their own areas of knowledge and experience. They have limited voting rights and do not have to attend meetings.

To contact the Governors you can either email the school office at:   which will be forwarded to the relevant governor or you can leave a confidential message in a sealed envelope at the school clearly marked to the Governors and this will be passed on. 
Governors work together to see that the school is run effectively and provides the best possible education for its pupils. This has to be done within the law and the policies of the school and the local authority. In brief, we:
  • Agree what the school should focus on - we set the Strategic Direction
  • Ask about what is happening and why - we act as a Critical Friend
  • Respond to questions from parents & those outside the school - we ensure Accountability.

Quote from an existing Parent Governor: "Being a parent governor is very rewarding - and certainly not as daunting or time consuming as I had thought. It is an ideal way to learn more about the education system and to support the school to provide its best for my children"

If you would like more information about serving as a School Governor, please contact the clerk via the school email address.  Any Governor will be happy to speak to you about what it is like to be a governor and what is expected of you.